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Phase I, II and III

Air Quality testing (Indoor and Outdoor)

Soil testing

Water testing

Groundwater Investigations

Hydro geological Studies

Underground Storage Tank Removal (pictures below)

UST Removal:


Environmental Investigations

     APAC 1, Inc. offers a wide range of Environmental Investigations, Inspections and Testing.  Phase I, II, and III, air quality, soil and water testing are just some of the services we offer to assist our clients with their commercial, industrial and residential environmental condition issues.  APAC 1, Inc. is committed to hiring and retaining some of the finest professionals in the business.  Here is a partial list of environmental qualifications presently held by APAC 1, Inc. specialists:

  • CEI - Certified Environmental Inspector

  • CES - Certified Environmental Specialist

  • CRS - Certified Remediation Specialist

  • CTS - Certified Testing Specialist

  • B.S. Geology

  • M.S. Hydrogeology

Environmental Assessment Association

Phase I, II, III Investigations

     To guard companies and private investors against financial loss due to adverse environmental site conditions present at sites that are owned, leased, shared, being purchased and or sold APAC 1, Inc. offers Phase I, II, and III environmental site assessments.  

Phase I

     At a minimum, a Phase one conducted by APAC 1, Inc. includes the investigations:

            - Historical and regulatory records review
            - Site reconnaissance
            - Interviews regarding past and present property uses

Report recommendations 

     Additional investigations may be required in a Phase I audit depending on the site and the conditions.  These investigations include but are not limited to the following:

            - Hydro geological/Geological studies
- Subsurface investigations
- Remedial investigations studies for soil and ground water
- Ground and surface water monitoring and remediation
Soil testing

- Surface, groundwater and drinking water testing
- Underground and aboveground storage tank management
- Air quality testing


Air Quality Testing

     There are many airborne contaminants that cause adverse health effects.  As a matter of fact, in recent years, comparative risk studies performed by the EPA and its Science Advisory Board has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.  APAC 1, Inc. is pleased to have the ability to test for these airborne contaminants, which include but are not limited to the following:

              Particulate Matter Analysis

                        - Mold spores
- Fungi
- Bacteria
- Dust Mites

            Volatile and Gas Contaminants Analysis

            Please click here to see an illustration of volatile gas contaminants.

                        1. Chloroform
Nitrogen Oxides
                        4. Asbestos

5. Carbon Monoxide
6. Para-dichlorobenene
7. Tetrachloroethylene
10. Styrene
Methylen Chloride
                        13. Tobacco Smoke


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