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     When APAC 1, Inc. says 'All Property', we mean 'All Property'.  Our Appraisers are experienced and knowledgeable in appraising all real and personal property, which includes commercial, industrial, residential and special use properties. There are simply no assets or items that our certified consultants and appraisers cannot provide an objective opinion of value for.  APAC 1, Inc. is even an approved RTC FDIC* contractor, providing real and personal property appraisals to lending institutions for more than a decade. 

            Appraisal Services

                 Real Property
                     - Residential, commercial, industrial, special use, land and farms

                 Personal Property
                     - Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E), Garments, Jewelry, Art, Boats, Etc.

                     - Value & Damage - Insurance, Investments, Estates
                     - Antiques, Classics, Used, New, Motorcycles, Semi Tractors & Trailers 

National Association of Real Estate Appraisers           Approved RTC, FDIC

* RTC - Resolution Trust Corporation, FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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